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The parties to this sales contract are; Elysion Turizm Otelcilik LTD.ŞTİ. located in Sivritaş Mah. Mehmet Akif Bulv. Onur İş Hanı Sit. No:1/8 Ürgüp/NEVŞEHİR (In this contract, briefly referred to as Agency) and consumer …………………………………………………….  The subject of this contract is the right of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Protection of Consumers and Regulation on Distance Contracts related to the sale and delivery of the product / service specified below, in the booking process of the consumer via the electronic or call center of the agency or the agency www.cappadociaelysiontravel.com. and determining obligations.

The consumer accepts and declares the following contractual provisions. The name, title, address, telephone and other access information of the agent or provider, the basic characteristics of the product subject to sale, the sale price including taxes, the form of payment, etc. all prior information about the subject of the product / service and the right of withdrawal and how to use this right, complaints and appeals to the authorities. that the AGENCY or the PROVIDER informs them about this information in advance, confirms this information in electronic environment and / or by telephone or e-mail, and then confirms the booking and the agreement.


2.1- At the time of pre-booking registration, at least thirty percent (30%) of the reservation price is charged. The remaining 70% is charged by our travel consultants at the time of hotel check in.


                       Transfer Down payment amount
The Balance
Total Amount


2.2- The CONSUMER is liable to make the payment of the service cost to the agent’s bank accounts. Apart from this, the AGENCY has no responsibility for the payment to be made by the consumer in any way other than ACENTA accounts.


3.1- The CONSUMER declares that the product subject to the contract specified in Article 1 is read and informed about the qualifications of the service, the sale price and the payment method and the performance and gives the necessary confirmation in the electronic environment and the call center system.

3.2 The AGENCY or PROVIDER is responsible for the defective nature of the service.

3.3. The AGENCY or the PROVIDER shall not be liable if the service subject to the contract is used by someone other than the CONSUMER.

3.4- For the performance of the service subject to the contract, the signed copy of this contract must be delivered to the AGENCY or PROVIDER and the price must be paid in the preferred form of payment.

Although the agent or the provider sends the contract in accordance with the contract, the consumer who does not sign and send it back cannot argue that the contract does not bind himself because he/ she did not send the contract back, in this case, he/she has all responsibility and is obliged to pay the contract price in full.


4.1- CONSUMER has the right of withdrawal within fourteen (14) days from the date on which this contract is validated for the performance of the service subject to the contract or the person it represents. In order to use the right of withdrawal, written notification must be made by e-mail for this period. If this right is used, it is obligatory to deliver the invoice of the service to the 3rd person or the consumer. Within 7 days following the receipt of these documents, the service fee shall be returned to the consumer. If the original invoice is not sent, VAT and other legal obligations are not returned. For reservations made 30 days prior to the date of expiry, the right of withdrawal cannot be used.

4.2- Early booking, special period (Christmas, semester, holidays etc.) and the purchase process purchased during promotional periods cannot be canceled. However, the agent may arrange for a meeting with the hotel and may postpone the room received by the consumer for the accommodation, or the equivalent, to a date that is appropriate for the hotel’s availability (except for Christmas, semester, holidays etc.).

4.3- In the event that the consumer misses the beginning of the service or does not notify in writing that he will accept the request later, the agent has the right to cancel all reservations made on behalf of the consumer after 24 hours. No refund is made to the consumer in such cancellations.

4.4- The Agency may cancel the services that it has declared or registered in case it deems necessary up to 7 days before the start of the service. The consumer reserves the right to cancel the reservation and return it within 10 days after the date of cancellation of the service from the date of execution, less than 30 days before the expiration of the contract. agrees and undertakes to pay the entire amount to the Agency.


AGENCY or PROVIDER may cancel the contract in case of force majeure or service providers, hotels or third parties which cause obstacles for the start or continuation of the service even if they have taken all the necessary care. This should be reported to the consumer as soon as possible. In this case, the consumer has no right to compensation. All services that are not used by the consumer are refunded.


6.1- The AGENCY or PROVIDER is obliged to inform the CONSUMER as soon as possible of the possible cancellation notifications.

6.2. The AGENCY is in the position of providing services to consumers, accommodation facilities, carriers, and any other third party or legal entity providing services related to the trip. For this reason, the consumer who registered to the tour with the application, the agency that undertakes to carry the transportation between the agencies, the vehicles in the program shown in the program at the time of the movement; The agency is not responsible for all kinds of delays, breakdowns, fog, storm and all weather conditions caused by land, air and sea vehicles.

6.3- The provisions of this agreement and the preliminary information form signed between the agent or the provider and the consumer during the registration shall be approved by the consumer and requested to be registered under the same conditions on behalf of the other persons who received the same service with him / her. The consumer is jointly and severally liable for the payment of the contract price. The consumer agrees with this agreement, knowing that he is a party to the participants stated in the preliminary information form, that he is responsible and responsible for informing the participant about the contents of the preliminary information content made under the relevant legislation. The consumer who is not fulfilling his / her obligation to provide information is responsible for all damages. In this respect, the preliminary information given to the consumer is considered to be given to the participant.

6.4- If the service purchased by the consumer is defective, he / she must notify the AGENCY in writing if he / she does not accept the performance. Otherwise, the consumer is deemed to have used the service. It is the duty of the well-intentioned consumer to inform the authority in writing about the matters that the consumer complains about during the performance of the service. In matters not specified in this agreement numbered 1618 Act, the 6502 No. TKHK, IATA, IH, UFTAA convention with the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code, the Civil Aviation Law, UK., international agreements involving Turkey and Regulations issued in relation to these Regulations, international and Circular and Notices when applied to the common accepted TÜRSAB Kutahya charts provisions will be applicable in the Frankfurter Tabella Turkey. Urgup Courts and Ürgüp Enforcement Offices are authorized in the cases related to TÜRSAB in the resolution of disputes arising from the implementation of this agreement.

6.5- Conditions that do not exist or are not foreseen at the date of signing of the contract, which develops outside the controls of the parties, which either partially or completely fulfill the obligations and obligations of one of the parties or both of them to be fulfilled by contract, or make it impossible to fulfill them on time, force majeure (natural disaster , war, terror, uprising, changing legislation provisions, seizure or strike, lockout, production and communication facilities will be considered as significant breakdowns etc.).In case the force majeure prevents the contract from occurring, the party of the person in question shall inform the other party immediately and in writing. If the CONSUMER asks for the termination of the contract due to force majeure, the AGENCY or PROVIDER shall make all efforts to return the price. If the CONSUMER requests for cancellation in case of force majeure, AGENCY or PROVIDER is obliged to return to the CONSUMER the price it can buy from the person or organization that he / she bought or mediated. Can not be held responsible for the return of the price.

6.6- AGENCY or PROVIDER must perform its obligations during the period of commitment. If the AGENCY or PROVIDER does not fulfill this obligation, the CONSUMER may terminate the contract.

In the event of termination of the contract, the AGENCY or PROVIDER shall repay all charged payments to the consumer within fourteen days from the date on which the notification of termination has been received with the statutory interest determined in accordance with Article 1 of the Law No: 3095 dated 04-12-1984 and numbered 3095. If it is, it must return all precious documents and similar documents that put the consumer under debt.

In cases where it is impossible to fulfill the performance of the AGENCY or PROVIDER loaded by this agreement, the AGENCY or PROVIDER shall notify the consumer in writing or with a permanent data storage within three days from the date of learning and return all charged payments within fourteen days after the notification date is mandatory.

6.7- Before the contract is made, it is mandatory to obtain explicit approval from the CONSUMER for any additional costs arising from the contractual obligation arising from the contractual obligation.


The information provided by the consumer to the agent or the provider for the purpose of making payment with the information specified in this contract shall not be shared with the third party by the agency or provider. The agency or the provider may disclose this information only in the presence of an administrative or legal obligation. Credit Card information is never stored, and it is only processed by the customer during the payment process.


8.1 The contracting agent or provider does not make any installment sales within its own structure.

8.2- The prices given to the consumer are the cash prices and all installments are made to the credit cards without any maturity difference by the agency or the provider. All transactions made with respect to sales made by credit card are realized between the owner of the card and the bank to which the card is affiliated, and the agency or the provider does not have the right and responsibility to intervene in these transactions.

8.3- The consumer who buys service by credit card, should inform banks about their demands such as early payment and installment discount and make the payment to the branches determined by the bank.


Related to solve all the disputes arising from the contract, Turkey Consumer Courts, Consumer Arbitration and other organizations authorized by law is authorized. Consumers can apply for complaints and objections to the arbitral tribunal or the consumer court where the consumer buys the goods or services within the monetary limits set by the Ministry in December every year or where the consumer resides.

I read, understood, accepted and received this agreement by signing each copy which was made on our behalf in 9 articles.


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