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Your privacy is important to CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM john. This statement describes the practices on the information in the CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM websites, including what kind of information is collected and monitored, how the information is used and who is sharing the information.

Disclosure and Usability of Personal Information

While using CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM website, in normal situations, you can visit CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM without explaining who you are and without giving any information about yourself. However, in some cases, we or our solution partners may need your information.

You can choose to provide us with personal information in various situations. For example, you may want to give us personal information, such as name, address, or email, that we may need to communicate with you, process an order, or be able to provide you with any membership. You may wish to submit information about your training and work experience for a job that is vacated in CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM. We would like to inform you on how to use this information before you receive this information from the Internet. If you indicate that you do not want us to use this information to contact you in the future, we will respect your requests. If you give us personal information about someone else, such as your partner or a colleague, we assume that you have their permission.

If you would like anything from the CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM website, such as a product or service, a callback, or specific marketing materials, we use the information you provide to fulfill your request. In order to receive assistance during the fulfillment of the request, we may share this information with others, such as CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM Solution Partners. In connection with a transaction, we may contact you for customer satisfaction surveys or marketing research.

In addition, the information you provide from CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM web sites can be used by CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM and for marketing purposes by selected third parties. However, before we use this information, we allow you to choose whether your information can be used or not.

We aim to protect your personal information and quality. To ensure that your information is secure and maintained, we use appropriate measures and procedures, such as using a password to forward some important information.

In some cases, in addition to the information you provide from the website, we may receive information from different sources, such as information that verifies your address, or other information about your business. Our aim here is to verify the information we collect and get help to provide you with a better service.

Cookies, Beacon and other technologies

We sometimes collect anonymous information from those who visit our websites to help us provide better customer service. For example, we track the domains that the person visited us on, and we measure the visitor’s activities on the CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM websites, but we do so in a way that keeps the information anonymous. This information is sometimes referred to as I clickstream data. Employees on behalf of CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM or CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM may use this data to examine trends and statistics and to help us provide better customer service.

In addition, when collecting your personal data about a process, we may select and remove certain information related to that process in anonymous format and combine it with other anonymous information such as clickstream data. This information is only used and reviewed at a collective level to help us understand trends and tracked paths. This information is not examined on an individual level. If you do not want the details of your process to be used in this way, you can deactivate your cookies.

We collect the information mentioned in the previous paragraphs by using various technologies such as cookies. A cookie is a data element that can be sent to your browser by a Web site, which can then be stored on your computer as an anonymous tag, identifying your computer, not you. It uses cookies or other technologies sent by CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM or its third-party providers to provide you with better service when you return to the site. You can set your browser to give you a warning before accepting the cookie. You can also set your browser to turn off cookies. However, some Web sites may not work properly if you do so. The CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM website uses web beacon and other technologies to better organize these sites to provide better customer service. These technologies are located on various pages within CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM’s websites. When visitors reach these pages, an anonymous warning is issued that this visit can be processed by us or our providers. Web Beacons often work with cookies. If you don’t want to associate your cookie information with your visit, you can set your browser to turn off cookies.

If you turn off cookies, web beacon and other technologies will continue to detect anonymous visits to these sites, but warnings created by them will not be associated with other anonymous cookie information and will not be considered.

Date of Validity, Amendments

This notification is effective as of 01.11.2017. We reserve the right to change this notice in time when appropriate. At any time, we reserve the right to modify, add or remove parts of this notice, but we will notify you of such changes by showing the date of the last update on the notification. Visiting the site means that you accept the version of this notice that is currently posted on the site. We encourage users to revisit this notice to be aware of the changes.

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your comments, questions, complaints or suggestions regarding the information practices described in this notice.


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