Usage Agreement

  1. Parties


1.2. All natural and legal persons using the website

  1. Definitions


2.2. Customer / End User : All natural and legal persons using

  1. Introduction

This website is owned by ELYSION TURİZM OTELCİLİK LTD. All kinds of organization, use and savings authority on the site belongs to CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM. Please read the terms of use carefully before using the site. By accessing and using the Site, you agree to the terms of use and contract of the site.

3.1. CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM reserves the right to change any condition and information available on site and site extensions without prior notice, including contractual terms. The changes take effect on the site at the time of publication.

3.2. Any dispute that may arise as a result of entering the site or using the site is subject to Turkish law and the courts of Ürgüp are the sole jurisdiction for the settlement of disputes. CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM reserves the right to file a lawsuit in the country where the user is located.

3.3. CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM continuously checks the accuracy and timeliness of the information available on the website. However, despite all due diligence, the information on web pages may be behind the actual changes. The materials and information you will find on the web site of CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM are presented as soon as they are submitted to the site, there may be a difference between the current status of the service and the status on the website. Information about the completeness, timeliness, terms, quality, performance, marketability, suitability for a particular purpose and any other information, services or products on the WEB site of CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM, which are not limited to them, are no express or implied warranties are given and no commitment is made.

  1. Right to make changes to the web page

4.1.CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of use of this site and any other services, products, sites and site without prejudice, to reorganize the site and to stop the publication. The changes take effect on the site at the time of publication. These changes are deemed to have been accepted by the use of the site or by access to the site. These conditions also apply to other web pages given the link.

4.2. CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM accepts no responsibility for any breach of contract, tort, negligence or other reasons like interruption of the transaction, error, neglect, interruption, deletion, loss, delayed transaction or communication, computer virus, communication error, theft, destruction or unauthorized entry into the record, change or use.

  1. Linking to Web Pages

It is possible to link to other sites through this site, CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM does not guarantee the accuracy of the information on the linked pages and does not make any commitment. Some of these pages are organized by and under the responsibility of organizations other than CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM. do not make a recommendation. Damages that may arise from the use of these sites are the responsibility of the user. CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM can access the links provided to this kind of pages as well as access to the written consent of CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM

  1. Content of the Agreement

This contract is a contract between you and CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM. CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM is a CAPPADOCIA ELYSION TRAVEL service and in some parts of the contract we will be referred to as “us”. This agreement will apply to all package services, including any updates that you have used during the time the contract is valid. All products or services will be referred to as “service” in this contract.

  1. When can you use the service?

You can start using the service if the package is purchased from the site without registration. The conditions that constitute your cancellation right for the service you have purchased will be explained below by the type of service.

  1. How to Use the Service

The following are the conditions you must follow when using the service;

  • Compliance with laws,
  • Contracts,
  • Comply with all rules of conduct or other statements we make,
  • Notify us immediately when you notice a security breach of the Service.
  1. How can you not use the service?
    • You cannot use the Service in any way that may harm us or any customer of our affiliated company.
  • You may not use any part of the service as a target from unwanted bulk messages or unwanted commercial messaging from spam mail data;
  • You may not use any unauthorized means to modify or redirect or change the service;
  • You may not damage, disable, overload, or break the Service (or service-connected networks), or you may not interfere with, or resell or redistribute, any of its services or use of the service.
  1. Explanations on cancellations or amendments

All kinds of service transactions made over CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM are deemed to have been accepted. All cancellations and changes are made in accordance with the service contract which is accepted by our users at the time of booking.

CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM has to be contacted at every stage of all services received through CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM. Otherwise, in case of changes, cancellations, new bookings and different services made by the customer, CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM does not accept responsibility.

11.Site Information

Care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the information published on the CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM website from the suppliers and / or intermediary institutions that are cooperated, but CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM cannot be held responsible for the services and facilities received or requested do not show the specified qualifications and availability.

The photos of some hotel and hotel rooms displayed on CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM website are for general information only and the photos taken on the site with the room type taken may not be in the same category. When booking through CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM, the customer should consider these and similar situations. For all these services, the customer makes a reservation with his own will and cannot object to CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM in any matter that does not comply with the personal tastes and preferences for the service.

The renovation, maintenance and renovation work are at the discretion of the relevant hotel and can be carried out without any prior notice. Hotels will demonstrate the responsibility to minimize any inconvenience that may occur in such a situation. CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM cannot be held responsible for any damages, accidents, losses, damages, additional costs that may occur in transportation vehicles, travel places and accommodation facilities, regardless of their source and cause.

On the website of CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM, in case of incomplete or incorrect pricing (including pricing errors due to suppliers and / or intermediary institutions) due to any deficiencies, CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM is authorized to correct the relevant price and the total amount to be paid.

  1. Privacy

Your use of the Service is confidential to us. However, we may access or disclose information about you for the following purposes:

(1) Compliance with the law or the legal proceedings communicated to us,

(2) Investigate or confirm possible violations of this contract, including the use of this service to participate in, or assist

(3) To protect the rights, property or security of CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM, its employees, customers or the public. You consent to access and explanations outlined in this section.

We may resort to technology or other means to protect the Service, protect our customers, or prevent you from violating this Agreement. These include filtering or blocking security, for example to prevent unwanted e-mails. These routes may interfere with or interfere with your use of the service.

The personal information you send to CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM in order to receive service will be processed in accordance with the confidentiality principle of CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM.

  1. Interpretation of the Contract

All parts of this contract apply to the maximum extent permitted by law. There may be a court decision stating that we cannot implement a part of this contract as written. In such a case, you and we replace that part with the provisions closest to the purpose of the section that we cannot apply. The rest of the contract remains unchanged. This contract constitutes the entire agreement between us regarding the use of this service. This Agreement supersedes any contract or declaration made in relation to the use of the Service. If you have confidentiality obligations regarding the Service, these obligations remain valid. Section headings in this agreement do not limit the other provisions of this contract.

  1. Your Notifications

You can notify us on the contact page for the service or in the “Live Support” section.

  1. Notification and Electronic Information

This contract is in electronic form. We are committed to sending you specific information about the service and we are also entitled to provide you with additional information. With respect to the Service, there may be other information that the law requires that we send you. We may send you this information electronically. You have the right to revoke this approval, but we may cancel your service in this case. We can provide you with the necessary information in the following ways:

  • by e-mail to the e-mail address you specified when you booked the service;

It is assumed that the notifications sent to you via e-mail are delivered and received on the transmission date of the e-mail. You will have the necessary software and hardware to receive such notifications unless you have access to or use the service. If you do not agree to receive any notifications in electronic form, you must stop using the service.

  1. Contracting Party, Law Selection and Settlement of Disputes

TÜRSAB Arbitration Board is authorized for the disputes arising from the contract and the procedures of the said board are valid. CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM records are taken as basis. CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM will be able to compensate the consumer against the consumer and the obvious changes, compensation during or after the trip can be compensated to the consumer in return for the price or service in accordance with the provisions of TÜRSAB Kütahya Schedule. and eliminates the right to compensation.

  1. Copyright

CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM Web Site owner is ELYSION TURİZM OTELCİLİK LTD.ŞTİ. The information contained in this page, articles, pictures, brands, slogan and other signs, and other intellectual property rights with programs for the protection of information, page layout and presentation of this web site is the property of CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM. Without prior written consent of CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM, the information in this web page or any database, website, software-code related to this page may be partially or completely copied, modified, published, used online or in any other media. , distribution, sale is prohibited. Partial copying and printing of the information on this page is only possible for non-commercial personal needs.

  1. Limitation of Liability

CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM, entering this site, site or site information and other data, etc. programs. is not liable for any direct or indirect damages that may arise because of the breach of the contract, tort, or other reasons. CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM, breach of contract, tort, negligence or other reasons as a result; accepts no responsibility for interruption of the transaction, error, negligence or interruption. It is accepted that all the responsibilities that may arise as a result of the use of the site or the use of the site or the use of the site, CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM has been made since all kinds of damages and claims including court and other expenses.

  1. Support

CAPPADOCIAELYSIONTRAVEL.COM offers free travel consultancy support from the date you start using the service until the end date.